Daily Prompt: Undo … Speed Cameras

Source: Daily Telegraph

What? Speed Cameras

Here in New South Wales we have these silent cameras that work at random times, take a photo of your vehicle, if you are exceeding the speed limit or run a red light.  The consequence is a fine in the mail at a later date.  These pesky little devils can be stationary or attached to a police vehicle.  The in stationary (static) cameras are known to the locals, but should be sign posted for those drivers who not from the local area, some signs are obscured.  The cameras attached to the police vehicles are at random locations and random times.


  1. If the stationary cameras were removed, the revenue to the State Governments would be reduced.  Before Speed Cameras, the Police would pull you over and tell you that you were driving too fast and fine you on the spot.
  2. The speed would be reduced at the time of speeding.  The fines in the mail, from the static camera, are after the event, what assistance does this delay do for the safety of others on the road due to the speeding driver?
  3. More Police would have to be employed to deter the drivers in real time.

This is my response to Daily Prompt: Undo.

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30 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Undo … Speed Cameras

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  7. I completely agree! I got one of those tickets right around Christmas time last year. Let me tell you, they need to lessen the severity of these “violations” when nobody is actually in danger! Like mine was for “not stopping long enough before turning right on a red light”. Seriously! That was worth $100???

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