Daily Prompt: Mentor Me …to listen, to be positive …


My life has been full of interesting, exciting, challenging, saddening, happy, uplifting, unique and catastrophic life experiences.

In the most challenging of these I was able to have an outstanding  boss.  I had tremendous respect for this person.  He was thoughtful, insightful and intelligent.  He also had the gift of communication.  The core of our business was community service, which lead to people and issue management, so this is the trait that I valued the most.

We did not have an ‘official mentor’ relationship.  In our interactions he would give freely advice on many topics.  What stood him apart was that he was a listener and would ask for your opinions as well.

He is no longer my boss.  The day he resigned, I closed my office door and wept, as I knew that I would no longer have his advice and assistance.

His advice and our conversations still resonate in my head as I deal with people and issues today.  For that I am most grateful.

This is my response to Daily Prompt: Mentor Me.

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