Daily Prompt: The Clock… digital awakenings


I heard the door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.  It was dark, the rain had ceased and the wind was still hitting the limbs against the window.  I searched for my glasses, as all I could see were the glow of the red letters of my digital clock.  Putting on the glasses I could see it was 2:45 am.  Why is he home this late? I waited to hear the familiar sound of the keys in the door.  But instead was jolted by the sound of the door bell.

I quickly jumped out of bed and flew down the hallway to the door.

As I opened the door the security light shone on the faces of the two people at the door.

Are you …..

I didn’t hear what the two police were saying, my body was floating away to another place, a place of peace and hope.

Are you … they said again.  tears fell as I answered their questions …

This is my response to Daily Prompt: The Clock.


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34 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Clock… digital awakenings

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  9. *like*

    You went down the same route as me (i.e. a veeery short story) but it came out quite different. Amazing how divergent two stories inspired by the same line can end up being in only 100 words or so.

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