Daily Prompt: Whoa! … Pope Benedict XVI (Ret.) not RIP

This is a hard one.  I can not think of one.  I will have to sleep on it.   This is my initial response to Daily Prompt: Whoa!. You will have to wait til morning and when I have had thinking time.  🙂  D 34

Just checked the news paper site before turning off the computer ~ a Pope resigning could be one, that hasn’t happened before in my lifetime, or my parents life time, my grand parents life time, my great grand parents life time …. or for 600 years for that matter.  We await the grey smoke.

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22 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Whoa! … Pope Benedict XVI (Ret.) not RIP

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  3. Pope R, is a wise man. He knows that it is time to step down and let others take the lead. We need a younger Pope just like how John Paul started as a young man. It will be interesting how God will lead the way.

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