Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment … teach them well.

Teaching and learning is never a ‘one size fits all/most’ experience.  Teaching or teaching methods can occur in many situations and take many forms, it can occur in the tradition setting, rows of desks and the teacher filling the empty vessels (minds of the students), or, it can occur in a more investigative approach where the students seek knowledge/information through their chosen approach, researching,listening, talking, watching to answer a question.

Learning styles also vary, as this prompt asks, How do you learn? Each of us learn is different ways.  I am a visual learner mostly, sometimes I like a combination of hearing (Auditory) and seeing (Visual).  hear it), other times I like to touch and feel (kinesthetic), especially when learning to make gnocchi, pasta or breads.

The What in learning is also important, am I learning a second language, Am I learning to macrame?, Am I learning to drive a car? Am I learning to read … the what can also dictate what learning style works best.  How do we know it is the best? There are many Educational Theorists to tell us. Piaget, Vygotsky, Gardener, …

What is important and should be in a question, especially for parents, is what are learning styles and teaching methods being used in your local school?  I digress …

I have the luxury of being an adult and knowing how I learn, what is best approach and learning situation for me.

What I hope for is the next generation of learners are being taught well. D 34

This is my response to Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment.

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