Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited … It was not the Brady Bunch

I watched the Brady Bunch, I didn’t have an Alice in the kitchen, only my Mum and on Saturdays my Dad made hamburgers…

I watched the Monkeys, fell in love with Davey while I sang and danced around the room …

I wanted to be a part of the Partridge Family, they were so cool, and their clothes …

I watched Bill and Ben (what? say my American viewers), they were Flowerpot men ….

I watched Romper Room (now I have lost you all completely – except the Aussies who remember) I drank the milk with the T.V studio guests, wishing I would be on the show. “Romper,  Stomper, Stomper, Do.  have you had fun at play?”,  I can see Jenny and David and …. I wished Miss Patricia would say my name.

I wanted my life to be like the imported Sit Coms from the States.

Alas, it wasn’t.  It was a typical Australian upbringing (60’s /70’s), Dad worked, Mum didn’t until I was in High School.  Then it was at my High School , talk about pressure to do well!, couldn’t escape when your mother was in the front office.

I played Netball, was a Brownie, then a Guide.

I left school at 18.  Went on a year Rotary Youth Exchange for 12 months.  Returned and started studying.

Childhood, it was what it was, loved every minute, would not change it for all the ‘tea in China’.  —

As a mother, I hope my children can write the same…

There are fireworks outside its Midnight in Sydney ~ reminding me its Happy Luna New Year, (especially to all the Water Snakes 🙂

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