Daily Prompt: My Island Adventure ~ A story of Hope

The house phone rang just as her mobile phone beeped as it received a message.  In the distance the waves pounded heavily on the beach.  The forecast was for more rain, as if there hadn’t been enough two days and nights of torrential rain had left Julie isolated.  The flood waters had cut off all road access to her island home.

Julie had thought it a dream come true, a job on an island what could go wrong? She had been thankful, any employment since the returning to work after a long and often violent relationship had ended.

She paused, drew breath and picked up the phone …

… The ending is up to you …

This is my response Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure.

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23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Island Adventure ~ A story of Hope

  1. The waters had risen too quickly and were expected to rise even further as the storm swirled around to strike again, the voice on the other end of the phone informed her. A boat had been launched towards her house to pick her up and take her to higher, drier, ground. She did not relish that particular trip but not seeing as she had a choice, she scrambled to throw some things in a suitcase. Wherever she ended up would be better with even just a few of the comforts from her home.

    Then she waited. The rain continued to fall. The waters continued to rise. The minutes turned into a n hour and still the phone did not ring again and no boat pulled up to her front door. As the first water began to trickle under the door it finally occurred to her that she might have been in more trouble than previously thought.

  2. The SMS read:
    im cuming to get you bitch don think you can get away that easy
    Shakily she picked up the phone. ‘Hello, Julie? Don here. Are you expecting someone? I can see from my place some lunatic is trying to get through the ford … oh hell, he’s being carried downstream! He won’t have a hope in that torrent! Got to get the authorities; call you back later …’
    In spite of the weather – or because of it – the day had just got a lot brighter.

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  7. “Hello? Julie, it’s Van.”
    “Oh Van, thank God you called me…” Julie replied. Van was the Fire Chief on the Island and he had taken a liking to Julie from the very first day he met her. She liked him to but given her past history wit men, she was cautious.
    “I just got word from our weather center that the tide will rise even further,” He continued, “I’m around the corner in one of our rescue boats and I’ll pick you up..”
    “Oh my word Van, thank you so much! You have no idea how worried I was..” Julie said, as she choked back tears.
    “No worries, I’ll be there soon Julie, bye!”
    “Bye!,” Julie whispered and held the phone close to her chest. She knew life was about to get exciting again, but this time she’d be smarter… She’d take it slow. Her mother named her Julie Hope for a reason…

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