Daily Prompt: Burnt… the bushfire aftermath

Daily Prompt: Burnt.
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As I walk amongst the ruins of the house, the smell is almost overpowering …

The Trauma counsellor said it would be good to go and find something that could tie your old life to the new one.  With encouragement from her, I went back, with the RFS volunteer and the friend from church.

The drive was long and disorientating, as all the familiar landmarks had been burn’t, the bushfire had left a 20 km by 100 km strip of nothing but black, grey and white.  The black was the charcoal stumps that had once been magnificent gum trees.  The grey was the soot that was everywhere, under foot, being inhaled with every breath, as it was in the air.  The white was the sky still full of smoke haze that can been seen from space.   I know this because an astronaut posted a picture on  twitter, gee those Canadian’s are so thoughtful .

We turned the bend that was once a pleasure for me to drive around, as it mean’t home was not too far away.  Home for me was  is a sanctury, a place I am at peace and all that I love a cherish are with it’s walls.

We rounded the bend and drive up what was the driveway.  Partial brickwalls were still smouldering, the plastic water tanks were a molten lump on the ground.  The only thing that was still standing was the mailbox.  Bloody Leo, he built it out of pipe and forged steel, not even the most catastrophic bushfire in living memory had destroyed it.  This made me laugh.

Laughter was filled with emptiness, that quickly turned to sadness  when I came across  a lump of molten metal at my feet. Giving it a kick and picking it up I saw an outline of a star, a loop attached to a bronze shape.

It took me what seemed like an eternity to realise I was looking at what was left of my father’s service medals.  Each one once had my Dad’s service number and name engraved on the back.

Keep them safe he said before he died, as they are only reissued to the recipient not the family.  His medals are gone …

I wish I had packed them with the five other things before I fled.

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