Shipwrecked! and ethical, moral and legal dilemma

Daily Prompt: Shipwrecked!.

Reading the link, we are confronted with a piece of history that raises many questions, delves into the thoughts and decisions of men that were experiencing extreme hardship, and importantly outlines the legal perspectives, implications and process of its time.

Would you do what Dudley did? Would I have set forth in a vessel of that size, with a journey as long and as dangerous as it would, and did become? Would I as Captain made the same decisions? ….

I would not, but, I am not a sailor from the 19th Century.

What is interesting is reading the legal case that followed, and the ethical, moral and legal dilemmas that evolved.  Our Australian law is based and modelled on the English Common Law, so the findings, judgements and precedents may have implications today.

I’m not a lawyer, so further investigation will have to be done.

However, I can pray for their souls.


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