Daily Prompt: I Got Skills … Wordsmith… Speech writer “broke the code mate”

Daily Prompt: I Got Skills.

We all remember the words and those who deliver them.  Do we remember those who write them?  Are we allowed to know who penned them? Is there a contract that of don’t tell, as stated by Paul Keating “…contract of participating in the endeavour and the power in return for anonymity and confidentiality”

We brought the the disease, we committed the murders … we took the children … (excerpts from the December 1992 Year of the Indigenous People speech delivered at Redfern)

Do you know Don Watson?

… the speech writer for the Paul Keating former P.M of Australia

She was the People’s princess  (describing Princess Diana after her death)

Do you know Phillip Collins and Alastair Campbell?

… speech writer and Director of Communications for the former P.M of Great Britain Tony Blair

Ask not what your country can do for you: Ask what you can do for your country.

Do you know Theodore “Ted” Sorenson speech writer for former President of the U.S.A John F Kennedy? Although when asked later in his life Sorenson replied “Ask not!”

I would love to be added to this list and have the skills to craft a speech that moves people, that captures the imagination, that draws people to act, that resonates.
For more insight read this.  🙂  D 34

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I Got Skills … Wordsmith… Speech writer “broke the code mate”

  1. Really, really good point. I think one day you will write something that captures the imagination and draws people to act. You’ve got the insight. Now we just need to get you noticed.

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