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The $120 Food Challenge

There is something about comfort food which compels me to return to it again and again during times of stress. I know ultimately these potato cakes are not the healthiest for me, but the day I made them I was in a mood for reflection, for being methodical and, most importantly, for not over thinking the to-do list in my head.

Instead, as I worked the mash through corn, onion, spice and ham, my brain fixed on a mantra-like, “And now … and now … and now…” approach to gentle, quiet preparation.

Certainly there is a production line element to making these tasty morsels but oh my goodness they satisfy so much more than hunger. For me, on a day that involved the pressing questions of ‘if not now, then when?’,  it was a way to keep my feet on earth and to be grateful for small kindnesses and tender…

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