Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

Daily Prompt: Clean Slate.

Study BookshelfWaratah paintingComputer ScreenStudy WindowCupboard DoorsKangaroo Artwork

So you have it in pictures. My room is the study, before it was a study it was First Born’s bedroom (that’s why you see a fish stuck to the window).

Go ahead walk into the room, you see in front of  you against the opposite wall an IKEA bookcase filled with books, photos, baskets and a bottle of Seppeltfield Para Port (don’t know why this is not with the other bottles).

Oh, now you are looking next to the bookcase where there is a painting, I explain this my favourite piece, depicting Waratahs in the Blue Mountains National Park. I see you are now looking down to the low table that houses the printer and Print/Fax/Copy/Scan device.

As you sit at the computer, you look down at my table (which is an old teachers wooden desk Circa 1940’s) looking up you see past the screen there is a large window, you can see what I see when looking up from blogging ~ trees, the road and anyone entering the house and first born’s fish stuck to the window.

Swivel in your chair to the right, reach out and grab a file from the filing cabinet. No!, you are more interested in the bespoke cupboard that was the ‘office in a cupboard’ before we had the luxury of this room, upon opening it you see the filing drawers, shelves and a fold-out table.  (I have photographed the handles of the main doors that are double hinged so they can fold back to the side of the cupboard when working at the desk).

Ready to leave the room? You notice as you walk out, next to the door is our shredder and another piece of art, this time a local indigenous artist depicting Kangaroos.

You quickly glance at the wall next to the door and you see an out of date Yearly Calendar blu tac’ed onto the sliding wardrobe door. Still 2012! you exclaim, as you look closer and discover that everyone has a colour to record their key dates for Work, Uni and HSC exams.  I remark that it is important to keep a track of the families assignments, exams and work commitments.  I also explain that at the beginning of 2012, I was completing a Post Grad qualification in TESOL (Teaching English as Second or Other Language), so the planner was vital!

I hoped you enjoyed a glance into my world, the room where I do most of my blogging, however, as you walk into the kitchen you note that I have a laptop and an iphone (with wordpress app), so I admit that I can blog throughout the house or on the go.  🙂 D34

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

  1. Ok, here’s my thought. I’ve always love St. Clare. I will pick Saint Clare because she is the first follower of St. Francis and it just happen that I love St. Francis. I can always easily visit them both in Assisi. Italy is close by. Now on St. Catherine, she was a martyr and patron saints of philosophers and preachers according to the Catholic Online. I don’t know much of St. Catherine therefore I am more inclined with a modern saint, St. Clare. Hope this helps with your decision making. Pray about it and let me know what you decide. _/\_ Seeker.

    • Will do. They both have names that have Italian versions (this will help with ‘la Famiglia’. They are also easier to say than Saint Hermagoras of Aquileia (also spelled Hermenagoras, Hermogenes, Ermacoras) (Italian: Sant’Ermagora), who is a Saint from Northern Italy

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