It’s Friday, so there’s Seafood

Sydney Markets

Sydney Markets

For those who follow my blog will know I like to frequent the Sydney Markets and grab a bargain. As it is Friday seafood bargains are to be had.  After stocking up on fruit and veggies, I headed to the Seafood section.  Toddlers holding their noses, trolleys crashing and everyone looking for the freshest clear eyed fish.  After a search along each of the fishmongers stalls I decided tonights meal will consist of cooked Tiger Prawns and Barramundi.  The Barramundi is best cooked on the barbeque (BBQ) in foil with a few shallots, a splash of soy sauce and a little lemon.  Today has been another hot one (36 celsius), so it will be cooked outside on the BBQ.  I will make my favourite seafood Lime and Chilli dipping sauce to have with the cooked Prawns. This accompanied with a chilled Jermann Pinot Grigio will be a lovely end to the week. Cheers to all D34.

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