Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors and where to buy them

Bar Italia Source:Internet

Bar Italia Source:Internet

Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors.

At the place I love to eat my favourite flavour of Gelato they have a sign above the coffee machine that says ‘No Skim No Soy’ and they probably also have a sign ‘No Decaf’… patrons go with cash as they don’t do eftpos .  Bar Italia is rustic and a no fuss place to eat, drink and be with friends.  You can chat over the varied conversations of the other patrons.  You can eat inside, in the courtyard out the back or at tables on the footpath, this space has been updated by the local council, but the plastic chairs haven’t.   The gelato, as it is to die for .. my favourite is the vanilla served in a cup, but the choices are many.  Many a cup has been eaten late at night with an espresso.

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