Daily Prompt: Teacher’s Pet – onya Mr Fowler

The prompt today is to write about a teacher who has influenced you.  For me, this was my Commerce/Economics teacher, Mr Fowler.  Even though I did not enter into a career that would use these subjects, his teaching style, positive attitude and humour has left its mark.

He was also my field hockey coach.  I played all the way through High School.  In Australia teachers have to multi-skill and often coach the schools various competition teams.

He was able to bring the best out of us all, to the point that our team was undefeated in my senior years. Having the best forward in the competition, also helped.  This was a double bonus, as I was the goal keeper.

As an adult I had a lot to do with the school, and I was lucky to be there the on the day he retired.  I gave him an extra big hug as a thanks for the role model he had become.  Onya Mr Fowler.

This sadly this photo is not me, as no photos exist of my keeping skills, however this is the era I was playing…


Source:Internet Circa ’70’s

Daily Prompt: Teacher’s Pet.


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