Daily Prompt: My Favorite – Are you now crying on the inside?

This daily prompt explores – What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it

I will re-post a blog I wrote last year which detailed the trip I had with my son to take him to University.  The University is in another state, last year was the longest time he has been away from home, the first Born leaving is often the most traumatic for a mother, especially me …

“The blog is about two journeys, for both these journeys we travelled in a car, for both these journeys we travelled as a family of three, for both these journeys we travelled south down the highway. The only difference between the journeys is they occurred 17 years apart. 

Seventeen years ago we were new parents, our first big trip with our ‘first born’ baby boy. We had all the baby gear packed, nappies, clothes, food, favourite blanket (that he finally called “Label”, and I still have a small piece hidden away!). From the moment we approached the last traffic lights leaving our town until we arrived approached the lights of Canberra, ‘first born’ cried. That equated to four hours of driving with a crying baby, we stopped at nearly every rest area, highway food stop to try to give comfort and to try to pacify his cries, but his cries were relentless.

He survived, new parents were frazzled!

Seventeen years later, we are parents of a young man, making a major life decision, which University to attend? Travelling south to view a University and its accommodation that is 5 hours away from his home and family, travelling alone with his parents for the first time that he can remember, his sister was born 15 months after he was. This journey he was quiet, reflective and anxious.

We were able to see the campus and fit in a little sight seeing, we checked out neighbouring Rutherglen. As I am determined to be healthier this year I packed fresh fruit, salads, tins of tuna, water and snacks. So instead of a fast food option, we were able to picnic and have a delicious tuna salad and fruit on a bridge over Sunday Creek, at Pfieffers Winery.

As we soaked in the picturesque setting, we laughingly remembered our last journey as a threesome. I noted his mood and asked if he was crying on the inside?

We wait his answer …

I wonder when or if we will journey again as a threesome.”



Daily Prompt: My Favorite.


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