Life, Death and the New Year

On this last day of 2012, when many are planning to celebrate with family or friends, or finding the best vantage for fireworks, our family was attending the requiem mass of a friend’s mother. For the followers of my blog you may remember my post ‘I’ve never been to Poland’. The mother we buried today was the other mother (the husband’s mother). She had been to Poland, courtesy of the German’s during WW 2. During the eulogy given by her Grandson, when he spoke to her last year, she reflected that this was the best and the worst of times. Worst because she was removed from her Russian family and friends, best because she met her future husband. Australia became her home in 1949. She had 3 sons, the youngest is my husband’s best mate, even though he bit his head on the first day of school – for which Sr Agnes gave him a swift clip.

They were lucky to brought up by migrant parents who located to a town that allowed them to have large backyards for growing vegetables, herbs and chickens, it was a League of Nations, as Australia welcomed the displaced of Europe.

The boys have grown, and have shared many celebrations, weddings, baptisms, birthdays and Christmases. Lucky all the wives get along, and the children are the next generation of friends.

Vale Waleria – we will remember you and celebrate your life – there will be Fireworks and celebrations in St Petersburg and Sydney tonight – just for you

Italian husband with his best mate, you need support when you bury your Mum.


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