They have an app for everything… and the Mango Tango Smoothie

Source: internet

Source: Internet

This is an ever evolving blog, yesterday I decided to add and record the books I have read, reading and or would like to read.  I have been and avid reader since I can remember.

When I had time off work I joined a local book club and enjoyed the reading outside out of my favourite genre Crime and Suspense.  Since returning to work I have been an online member, receiving emails of their comments and booklists, what I miss are the discussions and meeting the members.

Solution, I thought of adding a page to this blog dedicated to Books etc.  Instead I found the Goodread widget (don’t you love the words that have joined the lexicon).  This began hours of scanning (only had time to do I shelf in my study), rating, joining a group.  So now you will find the Goodread widget on my side menu.  Please feel free to click and join in the reading for 2013 and beyond…

as I said they make an App for everything, even avid readers who like to record and make blogs more interactive.

Now for the Smoothie Recipe, for the followers of this blog you will know I went to the Sydney Markets recently, this has prompted the blender to be on the bench and smoothies to be enjoyed by the family.

Smoothie Recipe #1 – Mango Tango

Makes: 2 – 3 large cups


3 ripe Calypso Mangoes (skinned and de-seeded); 1 cup skim milk; 3 scoops of (ice-cream/or vanilla yoghurt – depending on your health choices); *tablespoon of Honey (this is added by the Italian Husband who likes the sweetness of the local honey we buy); 1/2 cup of ice cubes; 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence


Blend and pulse in the machine of your choice, I use a Sunbeam Blender. Drink and enjoy! D34

5 thoughts on “They have an app for everything… and the Mango Tango Smoothie

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  2. I just made my own version of your recipe and put it up on my blog. I gave you a shout out. Thanks a lot for the inspiration. The recipe I made up was so fantastic. Thanks again 😉

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