Now for some serious shopping and Onion Jam Savoury Recipe # 1


A sunny day in Sydney and most of us are still eating leftover Turkey, Ham … What it is time for is fresh Fruit and Vegetables.  So the Jeep went on another outing, this time only 30 minutes down the Motorway to the Sydney Markets. Here the are bargains to be had, the mix of people selling and shopping makes it a real experience,

We bought for serious juicing, smoothies and cooking…

a tray of Mangoes $16 (approx 20) and a 5 kg box of Cherries $15 from Pacific Islanders (bro!)

4kg of carrots @ $1 kilo, 2 kg Bananas @ 80c a kilo from a Lebonese Trader.

6 punnets of Strawberries for $8 from an asian lady

6 beets for $4 from an Aussie bloke

10kg of onions for $6, and 10kg of potatoes for $20 from a Middle Eastern charmer who wanted to sell me 50 kg

5 kg of Apples @ $2 kg from an Asian Student

$2 bags of Salad mix, rocket, and English Spinach from a busy stall of Aussie ladies

$3.90 kg for green grapes – consumed on the way home by youngest daughter, who was overjoyed because she saw Amina from the last season of Masterchef

5 kg of the onions are being made into Onion Jam (which is my favourite summer BBQ condiment from Sandra Reynolds), as I write this blog through onion tears …

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