It’s Boxing Day in Australia – the Jeep is go (sorry Thunderbirds)

Children in car – check
Presents in car – check
Christmas food, ham, salads, rum balls, chocolate covered nuts, Henschke Pinot Grigio – check
Cold Play Cd downloading into car H.D – Check
We are ready for another Adventure in the Jeep. Today we are heading North, the sun is trying to break out of the clouds. Boxing Day in Australia usually means eating left overs, backyard Cricket with the remaining relatives, or if you are really lucky on a boat in Sydney Harbour watching the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. For our family it means traveling to my side of the family and having another Christmas celebration. On the way we have to drop into my daughters Santola (Godmother), this means lots of Italian Christmas treats, coffee and loud Italian discussions about everything ‘politically incorrect’.
Just arrived, the relatives will have wait until the family stops singing ‘Viva La Vita’ Ciao will post later ….

Back seat mayhem Middle Child, Youngest and the elbow of the First Born mayhem in the back seat!

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