Ode to the HSC girl – Fruit Popsicles Treat Recipe # 2

The six week New South Wales school holidays are about to start here in Australia, the weather during this spring and early summer has been mixed, somedays are not to hot, others have been extremely hot with stormy afternoons and the evenings mild.  Today is extremely hot, the outside temperature is 36.1 celsius (96.98 Farenheit).

It is also the day that many school leavers will find out their ATAR ranking, which will determine the university course they will be offered or qualified for.  This is the second year as a parent I have been through this process.  My son (First Born) has just completed his first year at a University in another state and is back home for the holidays.  This year it was ‘the second child’s’ (HSC Girl) turn to go through the end of high school exams the ‘HSC’ and wait 24hrs for her ATAR to be released.  She is happy with her ATAR and now is waiting for the first round of University offers in early January.

To fight off the boredom and nerves as she waits the HSC girl has become innovative, it all started with a clean out of the tupperware drawer. At the bottom of my very deep drawer she found the “popsicle moulds” that we used many summers ago.

“Mum I have an idea” … was followed to the trip to the supermarket for more fruit and Light Fruit Cup cordial. She then proceeded to chop the fruit, mix them with a small tin of passionfruit pulp and combine with the cordial and freeze. I know some of you have made these, or similar popsicles in the past, but this recipe is coming from a 17 year old who is eager to assist me as she puts it “to become a hottie”.

The result was a delicious frozen treat! The whole family gave the thumbs up, even 92 y.o Nonno.

When I asked where she sourced the recipe, she taped her head and said “My brilliant mind, best bit, zero points (for all you WeightWatchers)!”

HSC Girl chose the photo (Instagrammed them) – these are her popsicles and a photo I took of her last Christmas.

HSC Fruit Popsicles – Treat Recipe # 2


500ml Fruit Cordial (mixed); Mixed fruits – watermelon, grapes, Kiwi Fruit, pineapple (or anything in season – Summer here in Australia 🙂 ;Passionfruit pulp (small can, or if you have your own great)


Pour into moulds (You could use cups if you don’t have the moulds) and freeze.

Eat and enjoy!

VictoriaFingers crossed for her university offers.

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