Things you find …

The Italian Husband changed jobs, this is after 23 years at his previous employment.  I’m sure most of his colleagues thought that he was there to stay until retirement.  In his usual style he upended all his drawers and scooped the contents of his desk into containers, to be replaced at his new workplace. No sorting for this hoarder, this was left to the middle child (who could only do light duties due to her operation) and myself.  We arrived at his new workplace, opened the door to his office and thought this man needs some assistance with his interior design.  We were met with papers, books and folders scattered.  As the Italian husband brought in the boxes we set to work.

Benefits of this assistance, I found an envelope marked “petty cash’ with $70.60, finders keepers, the second daughter found his mouse pad, pictured below…. things you find… he has been using this since 1999, what a great memory to find at this advent time, our children captured in time, … oh and he may get a new mousepad from Santa.


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