Move over juicer, rum balls require bench space… Treat Recipe # 1

It is a week out from Christmas, time for everyone’s office parties or staff get-to-gethers. Here in Sydney it is dusk at the end of another humid day. I’m off to the harbour (Kent Street Wharf) to be exact. That means my famous Rum Balls are going to be given and shared, so juicing had to take a back seat today …

Kazza’s Rum Ball Recipe (Treat Recipe #1)

Makes approx 42


375 gm dark cooking chocolate (the best quality you can afford); 1/2 cup sour cream; 1 packet of sweet plain biscuits; 1/2 cup cocoa; 1/2 cup icing sugar; 75 gm butter; 1 tablespoon Rum; 1/2 cup coconut; 24 glacé cherries


Melt the chocolate in a double saucepan. Take off heat and mix in the sour cream. Place in fridge for a few hours to cool and become solid. Meanwhile in a food processor zap the biscuits until they are like sand, add sifted cocoa and icing sugar. To this mix fold in the melted butter and rum. Cut glacé cherries in half. When the chocolate mix is solid scoop (like ice-cream) with a teaspoon, put a glacé cherry in the middle, roll into a ball and place into the biscuit mix, roll in mix until coated.

Enjoy with a coffee!!

The bench during preparation

Rum Ball Prep

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