92 and still fighting and 3-2-1 Juice Recipe # 1

I suppose when you get to be 92 years old you have had a few encounters, discussions and your fair share of negotiations.  This was evident today when I took my father-in-law to the local office that issues drivers licences and registers cars.

By way of background he was born in Northern Italy (in a town in the alps), he spent most WW2 as a prisoner of war in North Africa.  he kept busy during this time learning English, this came in handy, when after the War he decided that the devastated, war torn Italy of his youth what not a place where he wanted to spend the rest of his life.  So like many of his peers, Australia beckoned with it’s promise of sun, sea and opportunity.

His first job was in Burke at the cattle abattiors, nothing could have been more different to his home town.

He spent most of the rest of his working life with the “Water Board”, he was one of the many new Australians that helped build Warragamba Dam.

Now back to the present. He has never driven, he is not a pensioner or eligible for centrelink benefits, and his passports (both Italian and Australian – he is a dual citizen) have long expired.  So he has never had a photo I.D.  He could get one previously, but that would cost $48.  He was reading the local paper last week and they announced changes – Self-Funded retirees could get a Photo I.D FREE.

So off we went to the local office to get one.  After the computer spent forever accepting his paperwork (manual over-rides and the supervisor assisting), ‘That will be $48 please’ came from the hassled clerk across the counter…

My father-in-law, even at 92, can still demand attention, so the hassled clerk offered to get the manager.  Meanwhile, I hurriedly searched for the article on my iphone, the manager arrived just as I found it, saying… ‘Sorry for any confusion, you are correct, since the 26th of November, the Photo I.D card have been free, blah,blah ,blah’.

He now is the proud owner of a Photo I.D, he can prove who he is, and can prove his age by showing the bouncers when he wants to go out clubing. (this is written tongue in cheek)

This photo should be the one on his I.D, alas boring non smiling ones with ‘glasses of, please’ are the norm


O.K now for more juicing …

I am having 1 or 2 juices a day – today I had Yummy (Recipe # 1, I will call 3-2-1) Breakfast Day 1

3 carrots, 2 apples, 1″ ginger –  juice and pour over ice and enjoy!

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