We’re off, the wrap up

In true Blues brothers style we headed out onto the open road, well the Hume Highway, after the bypass into Bowral for lunch, we continued on to Goulburn.  However, all but the driver dozed off … we awoke to see this


As those that have travelled the Hume would know, these are the Wind Turbines near the township of Gunning, … “What happened to Goulburn?” I asked the Italian Husband enjoying his new car, with all the gadgets.  “I thought Young would be a great place to visit” he replied.  My mind pictured us eating the delicious Cherries (which Young is famous for) which are now in season.  A quick check on iphone maps told us that Route 1 would take 2 hours 14 min, Route 2 2 hours 9 min … you get the picture … luckily we could do a U-turn through Gunning and head back to Goulburn.


Goulburn has a number of attractions, NSW Police Academy, Goulburn Gaol (that includes the Super Max, for those very naughty men), the wool that the region produces.  This is lovingly remembered by the … Big Merino (I think I will do a post on all the Big things that Australians love to build to attract tourists to their towns), for those that have the time you can climb up to the eyes and look out at the motorists whizzing by,

Big Merino

We choose to visit this famous place instead…

Paragon Cafe  Serving customers since 1940.  Ice-cream sundaes, pancakes and a Cherry Spider were happily consumed.

The Jeep and its owners made it home from it’s inaugural Sunday Drive, tired and ready for a new week.  My reboot challenge has been modified, let you know tomorrow.

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