Confessions, Confessions and Great Greens Juice Recipe # 10

The new Jeep finally arrived home just in time for my mid morning juice, however, the washing, cleaning and general tidy took priority.

Then the doorbell rang, my accountant had arrived, time for the annual income tax submission.

So not to be juicing while accounting for income and expenses, I opted for a nudie juice – this was done very willingly as they are Yum, Yum.

Finally with the tax form completed it was back to juicing, I made the Mid Morning – Great Greens Juice – Recipe # 10


2 apples; 2 cups spinach; 6 chard (I used Kale as couldn’t buy chard); 1 cucumber; 4 celery sticks; (I omitted 1/2 fennel as I didn’t have any, and the 1 bunch of basil – this should only be used for a great Pesto) I couldn’t deal with its flavour in a juice!


Juice, pour over ice and enjoy!

Result YUM 7/10


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